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About Us

Glass Ink Media is a video production company serving an international client base of startups, nonprofits, and corporations. We are focused on promoting innovative ideas and ground-breaking work with cinematic visuals and artful storytelling. Within each story, no matter how big or small, are unique elements that can create a meaningful relationship with the viewer. It’s our passion to find those points of connection and help share them with the world.

Our Process

Message Development

We work closely with clients to identify the target audience and project goals. From there, we find our clients' most unique and distinguishing characteristics, and work those characteristics into a story that is engaging and meaningful.


Once a message is established, we shape it into a complete vision through an intricate process of brainstorming, project outlining, and storyboarding. Clients are engaged throughout this process with as much or as little involvement as they'd like.

Planning & Logistics

Glass Ink Media plans all aspects of the production, including securing locations, hiring talent, and scheduling.


This is where Glass Ink brings that vision to life. Striking a balance of the technical, the creative, and the administrative, our team creates the magic moments that thread your story and give its own unique personality.

Post Production

During this final phase, we carefully craft the cinematic experience we want our audience to have. We also focus on the technical details and video touchups, ensuring that colors are balanced and audio tracks are sweetened. If needed, we'll also incorporate special effects, such as motion graphics, animation, or compositing.

Client Review

Glass Ink Media is committed to providing our clients with powerful media that stands out. When a video draft is ready, we engage clients in a review process that ensures delivery of the best product possible.

Get in touch

Reach out to us to get a conversation started about your goals and ideas.